A reading with David Wagner in the context of the exhibition „BER – Pictures of a City“ (12.04.-18.05.2013)

David Wagner wanders through the city,  mostly alone, sometimes in company. What is the city? How can one describe it? Again and again he stumbles upon the rubbles of German history. Wagner describes the change of the that has happened in the last ten years. He interns as the doorman in „Flittchen Bar“ („Floozie Bar“), he meets foxes at Pfaueninsel and a tired mayor next to a bear costume. He walks through the outskirts and the former West of the city and passes by many building sites and remembers the former curtilages of the buildings. David Wagner has been walking through Berlin for the past twenty years. He is a town wanderer „half in trance, combined with the intention to an anti- illusionary extactitude“ (DIE ZEIT) Which colour is Berlin comprises of mostly unpublished texts that Wagner has written over the last ten years.

Verbrecher Verlag, Berlin 2011