Invited by pavlov’s dog:

Edgar Herbst: „Waidmannslust.
The Green Hell Of Berlin“

An interlude in twelve months and twelve photographies.
Published by Claudia Friedrich Seidel / Vorneditions, Berlin

from September 11 to 13, 2014

Opening: Thursday, September 11, 7 pm

Edgar Herbst, Hindernis, April 2014,
Ed. 50 + 2AP, Barytprint

The one year cycle „Waidmannslust. The Green Hell of Berlin“ started in November, 2012 and reached maturity in June of 2013 as the idea of an ‚edition in subscription’. The completed „Edition Waidmannslust“ depicts twelve motifs in the north of Berlin in Waidmannslust with apparently unspectacular scenes of authentic magnitude and an analogue realism. One comes away with the subjective experience of a cosmos beyond urban existence. In the course of these twelve months the project repeatedly lead the photographer and the publisher from Waidmannslust into the increasingly harder to find Dark Rooms of this city. Several Berlin laboratories were enlisted for the production of the Edition on baryta paper. We are truly grateful for the efforts of those inspired individuals in the dark rooms, the subscribers of the Edition, the Pavlov’s Dog Gallery, and all those who took part in the support and the realization of the „Waidmannslust“ project.

Edgar Herbst, Claudia Seidel, Berlin 2014

Edgar Herbst, (b. 1961, Bad Lauterberg / Harz), worked in social photography from the 1990s to mid–2000. After finishing his studies in photography at Mathildenhöhe in Darmstadt, he became the ‚excess officer’ of the magazine world, travelling with his unruly camera for Stern, Gala, Spiegel, Max, Dummy and Das Magazin to various European locations. With the achieved distance time brings with it the photographer now looks back on this chapter of his life and moments rather as „un-photographic“. He then set out in pursuit of his inner mission, working on different free projects from 2010 to 2013. Among them, in 2012, in cooperation with Georg von Preussen and the Berlin Verkehrsgesellschaft, was the large format permanent installation in the Berlin subway station at Hohenzollernplatz.